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Dr David Tawfik

Expertise - Forensic engineering, Engineering failure analysis, Metallurgical failure, Mechanical failure, Corrosion failure, Stainless steel corrosion, Welding failure, Protective coating failure, Structural failure, Material failure, Durability investigations, Damage assessment, Product conformity, Welding and joining,, Materials engineering, Fatigue, Wear, Fracture mechanics, Non-destructive examinations, Accident investigation, Metallurgy, Corrosion resistant alloys, Durability, Steel manufacturing and fabrication, Fractography, Mechanical testing,, Residual stress analysis, Material characterisation, Court Referee, Dispute Resolution, Litigation

Peter Paras

Expertise - Forensic Engineering Investigations, Building Inspections, Structural / Building Assessments , Expert Witness and Reporting, Dilapidation Surveys, Due Diligence Reports, Building and Structural Defects and Damage Causation, Structural & Civil Engineering Design, Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings and Structures, Slab, Footings, Geotechnical, Building Movement Investigations

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