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Simon Smith

Simon Smith

Organisation: Simon Smith
Position: Forensic Cyber Expert Witness / Investigator

Areas of expertise:

  • Forensic Computer Crimes and Breaches
  • Forensic Criminal Internet and Cyber Forensic Computer Fraud Detection Expert
  • Forensic Expert in White Collar Fraud detection and determination
  • Forensic Voice Analysis and Recording Device Expert
  • Expert in Family Law prosecutions involving Cyber offences
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Forensic Corporate Cyber & Internet Fraud Expert
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Cyber loss
  • Crisis Consultant
  • Internet Liability Expert
  • Infringing lnternet Activities
  • Internet Wrongful Acts
  • Acts of Bankruptcy
  • Restrictive Trade Practices
  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Cyber Attack
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Squatting
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Investigating and or Producing Evidence to re-create, determine, cross-examine or Prosecute
  • Assistance in discovery of cyber crimes and identifying a Defendant
  • Re-engineering cyber attacks to demonstrate liability to a Court
  • Patent and Trademark infringement via Cyber and Internet Forensic Analysis
  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Denial of Service (DOS) attacks
  • Detection and identification of bugging and tracking devices
  • Specialist in the anti-surveillance Acts and their admissibility
  • e-Crime forensic expert
  • Expert in computer programming languages, reverse-engineering, virus detection, how it was implemented, recreation and tracing
  • Forensic Government Investigator
  • Forensic IT expert witness
  • Forensic IT investigator (Government and Civil)
  • Forensic IT Programmer/Reverse-Engineer
  • Government Fraud
  • Hardware firewall, software problem-solver, conflict resolution, software troll identification
  • High-tech corporation assistance
  • High-tech police assistance
  • Intellectual Property infringement
  • Investigating Security Breaches
  • Misuse of market power
  • Exclusive Dealing
  • Intellectual Property Breaches
  • Project Management - Insider trading
  • Recreating cyber-crimes in plain English for the Court
  • Restraint of Trade via Cyber means
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Analysis
  • Security Analyst and IT Consultant
  • White Collar Fraud
  • Surveillance detection, breaches and Crimes
  • FOI computer related breaches of confidentiality and personal affairs
  • Confidentiality breaches
  • Insurance claims
  • Family law
  • Intervention order breaches
  • Specialist in YouTube fraud, tracing, crimes and stalking
  • Specialist in email fraud, tracing, crimes and stalking
  • Obtaining property by deception
  • Intellectual property ID fraud
  • Computer implemented patent expert witness
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct
  • Loss of Trade Secrets expert
  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator
  • Family law internet expert prosecution and defence
  • Commercial law internet expert witness prosecution and defence
  • Re-engineering and demonstration of cyber crimes to the court to determine liability
  • Patentor and Patent designer of computer implemented patent designs
  • FaceBook, YouTube, Email, Dating Site, Phishing, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest Cyber crimes or related offences, crimes, either alleged, requiring investigation or validation - and in some cases identifying the Defendant
  • All in simple and easy Affidavit and witness in person format expected by the Court aligning to all the rules and regulations of expert witnesses
  • Very good under cross examination.
  • Digital Forensic Expert Witness Forensic Private Investigator
  • Cyber Expert
  • iPhone Expert
  • Android Expert
  • Computer Programming Expert
  • Cyber Security Investigator
  • Auditor
  • Data Recovery Expert
  • Digital Forensics Expert Witness
  • Cyber Security and Mobile Device
  • Intellectual Property Matters
  • Stalking and Cyber Stalking
  • Source Code Auditor
  • iOS Developer and Forensic Recovery Expert
  • Android Developer and Forensic Recovery Expert
  • eDiscovery and Fact-finding
  • Missing Persons
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • "Today Tonight's" Cyber-bullying Expert
  • Cyber Security Penetration Tester
  • Cyber Crime Investigator
  • Security Risk Analyst
  • Data Loss/Prevention and theft
  • Online/Offline Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Computers
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Intellectual Property eDiscovery for breaches
  • Intervention Orders
  • Android, Apple, Windows authorised programmer
  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator
  • Source Code Inspector & Reverse-Engineer
  • Abduction Cases
  • Facebook
  • Social Media
  • Email Tracing
  • IP Address Tracking


100% Free Pre-Litigation Briefing Service with NDA, no obligation. I will tell you if I can add Forensic Fact to your case. I have had extreme success in my cases and have testimonies to back it up. Just call or message me.

Simon Joseph Smith (VSCL, CCIE, CFHI, CWHH, MIT, PI, CFDRP, NAM, ISSA, SSA, Grad.CERTDigEd, DEFCON) is known as the #1 Australian Cyber Digital Forensics Private Investigator, Cyber Security Specialist, Expert Witness, Professional Advocate, Nationally Accredited Mediator, FDRP, Accredited iPhone/iPad, Android Developer, and Forensic Recovery Expert. More on


Simon Smith, eVestigator has over 20 years real commercial experience as a Master Computer Programmer and University lecturer, a Certified Forensic Hi-Tech Investigator and Certified Cyber Investigative Expert - McAfee Institute, and a Certified White Hat Hacker, Private Investigator, Certified Expert Witness (UNSW Global Pty. Ltd), and a Computer and Mobile Forensics Expert. He is a seasoned Senior Analyst, and former Developer and trainer of advanced programming dating back 17 years ongoing. He has appeared on Channel 7 & Channel 9 on Cyberbullying, Cybercrime, Cyberstalking and has worked on cases involving High-Tech Crime, IP theft, eDiscovery, Hacking, Cults, and Sex Offences. He offers fast and cost effective services and has solved many SCAMS. He is perfect for software or cyber litigation cases. He created computer patents, eight figure businesses, and trained Barristers and Psychologists in Family Dispute Resolution. He holds several post-graduate Qualifications in Security, Investigation, Fraud control & more. He is considered a Master in IT, a child genius, Australia's best Cyber Industry Expert Witness in any Court. He is highly qualified, experienced and has proven to attain "fast and cost effective" factual outcomes saving his clients time and money.

Simon Smith is Australia's eVestigator. He has worked on many high profile cases (and even medium/low) to date with a 100% success rate and has appeared in various news publications regarding smart phone technology, on Channel 7’s Today Tonight in relation to Cyber bullying and recently the Today show on Channel 9, discussing credit card security. The website shows more. "It is amazing to see how much difference fact makes and how much money it can save a client," he says. "I often see clients who have wasted $100,000+ on litigation and gotten nowhere, and then I have a result for them (in one particular case) in just two weeks. That is how I work. I am just the person with the independence, skills, knowledge and background, equipped as a specialist Forensic, licensed Private Investigator to trace conduct back to its source, to affirm, expand on or re-create a scenario of alleged conduct for you, or find fact when all hope is lost." He has found people that have even been in witness protection, and that have been sought after for years. He has changed the lives of so many people. "I have forensically analysed corporate source code and written reports and developed techniques for assistance that go far beyond Private Investigations".

From his site:

I was born in an era of technology the exact time the consumer Internet was born, and immediately started programming with rapid advancement. I manage and have previously managed enormous enterprises for a span of over 20 years – programming or auditing almost every language one could think of, and I combine this with strong and proven civil, criminal, private and government investigation skills and credibility, having given intelligence to Ombudsman, Ministers and the Auditor-General. My knowledge and unique experience gives me that competitive edge to give independent, expertly obtained fact.
When I was just 20 (after programming as a child for 10 years), I started a three-year stint as a lecturer teaching Advanced Computer Programming at Swinburne University of Technology. I was also employed as a full time commercial Analyst Programmer at the time, I already had about 10 years (mostly childhood) experience of programming up my sleeve, so I literally saw this Cyber-World grow from nothing to what it is today. I have developed web servers, invented things (such as QR Code like patterns) years before anyone ever knew, am an expert in eCrime and White Collar Fraud, eFraud, Cyber-Squatting, Cyber-Stalking, Cyber Attacks (denial of service and more), Intellectual Property Breaches, IP Tracking and so much more.

I see a lot of systemic mistakes made in the growth of the public internet/intranets over the years, and these sadly *will* continue. I operate and I have built Apple's most popular Anonymous Security Browser. I am a recognised developer for all devices.

As the inventor of computer-reliant patents, I am literally making history and was praised by three Federal Court Judges in the full Federal Court of Australia in a case related to defeating the Commissioner of Patents' attempt to revoke my patent. I am an expert in software related IP marks. I am in a position to demonstrate algorithms that can assist a Court or jury with understanding a crime or offence in simple terms and "fact" as well as demonstration. With experience, credibility (Commonwealth FDRP, NMAS Mediator, CMC, Forensic Investigator and more) alongside commercial experience programming and investigating software engineering holes, and expert programming on all platforms spanning 20 years, I can help illustrate to the court, justice and/or jury, beyond reasonable doubt or on balance, how, when and why events occur in simple terms to affirm intent and conduct.

CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENT FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS (Any kind of investigation or SCAM discovery including corruption, fraud and more)

I am independent and provide a completely impartial service. I can and have used my abilities to assist the government in many ways by providing external investigations and forensic dispute resolution. I specialise in high-tech white collar fraud and can and have identified system issues of corruption in government departments, be it influenced internally or externally. Rightly so, the public expect the government to act in a way consistent with their charters and legislation and the guidance of their Ministers.

I have had exclusive experience in unveiling fraud in government departments and providing intelligence to senior independent officers like the Auditor-General and the Ombudsman. My Mediation skills are often used in conjunction with my forensic programming/reverse programming skills to determine fact to apply policy.------- In the corporate world Cyber-crime, Cyber-stalking, Cyber-bullying, Facebook abuse, email abuse, YouTube abuse and cyber-related staff harassment/stalking has become a systemically increasing problem for internal personnel as well as the corporation.

I have assisted in cases by gathering intelligence via the new world of social media. I assisted in jailing a person in Victoria for the serious offence of stalking. It is important to trust your employees and a breach of that trust must not go unnoticed. There are three main qualities that when combined, produce absolutely super cost effective output. See below.
"We do not have to all be experts, sometimes common sense is enough." eVestigator - Simon Smith

Why Me? - I'm not just a Forensic Expert

I am also a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Reverse Engineering Expert and Cyber Security Expert. I also have Graduate Diploma level skills Digital Education and Management and have a strong business understanding, as well as what businesses experience when it comes to disputes and how to save money and not fall into a loop where you spend money and get nowhere. I have had significant experience in IP disputes, Patents and Trademarks and I am an expert in the Education Industry, as well as a commercial authorised Apple, Android and Certified Windows Developer, having made several commercial applications and having built several multi-million dollar enterprises. I understand, which is where my advocacy service assist greatly, and saves you money.

I am a Forensic Private Investigator licensed under the Victoria Police LSD

This gives me the skills to see through the lines, get fact, without fear or favour, whether its for or against the government, for or against a civil entity, I find fact.

I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator accredited by the MSB under the NMAS and Commonwealth Appointed Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

These skills come as an absolute necessity and is often what is missing with other professionals. It enables me to determine the suitable jurisdiction and to better understand the dispute and resolutions, which saves you money, and my client's praise this ability. Especially with family situations, as in many cases an FDRP, in normal circumstances, is the only person that can sign a s60(i) under the Family Law Act granting permission to enter proceedings involving children after mediation.

I am a Professional Advocate

This is the most important part. I am happy to say that by joining all my skills together, and gaining permission from my clients to work with others like Lawyers, Barristers, Government Authorities, the Police, I can guide them through an actual total outcome. Many people deliver services in pieces, and you either end up wasting your money with nothing, or having to re-explain everything again multiple times costing you more money. I like to see them through. Again, my clients have told me I have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and come to an expedited outcome after years of fighting.

Expert samples of how I can help

Cyber Security, Cyber Bullying, Workplace Issues, Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Digital Forensic Expert Evidence and so much more..

My successes

I have saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars in establishing hard facts prior to and in avoidance of litigation. Such facts are unknown to the general community and the investment in my services have proven this over and over again. Human testimonials are available here:

The Industry

As a successful Expert Programmer and Lecturer of Advanced Programming and Entrepreneur at a very young age, I grew up with the birth of the internet and knows the skeleton foundations of where to look, making this statement fact, proving successful outcomes in many cases.

for full entries and more go to

eVestigator® launches a new Android App that is capable of penetration testing 65,535 ports - leaving no chance for risk - as freeware running on more than 40 devices - including most Android and Amazon capable hardware.

eVestigator® is invited to Channel 9's "Today Show" to help demonstrate a major security flaw in the Worldwide Credit Card systems called EMV, demonstrating how easy it is for hackers to electronically pickpocket your credit card details through the air via simple NFC technology available on Android 4.4 devices and above, which bypasses the RFID security and utilises the Contactless credit card technology to get the credit card number and expiry date. You can protect yourself by buying a simple credit card sleeve for 99c off eBay or most wallets these days come with a metallic coating that holds cards. As long as there is metal surrounding the chip - the signal cannot be detected.

eVestigator® predicts census cybercrime three days before warning Australia
Only 3 days after releasing the blog entry entitled, 'Cybergeddon is here - eVestigator® Simon Smith announces the inevitable', comes the news of the 'Website for Australian census 2016 attacked' by a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. The best way to define a Denial of Service attack is for an attacker who attempts to prevent proper and legitimate users from accessing the normal use of a website by overwhelming it with requests, data, sessions, etc."
"Ethical hackers (and those unethical ones) know the limits of TCP/IP connections that are allowed on various servers - and if not protected can cause a exhaustion of the resources of the server, by flooding it with fake connections. Such attacks stop real people from getting onto the server to do what it was intended to do. This is why Cybersecurity is so important."

eVestigator® shows the public how they are broadcasting their identity without knowing it
A mobile phone finds and connects to Wi-Fi networks by periodically sending out "probe requests". In simple terms these are "Hello, remember me, I connected to these Wi-Fi stations previously? Anyone out there? Here is my Unique mobile phone address to check (MAC Address)". These requests includes a unique identifier called a MAC address, which while making it faster and more convenient to connect to a network, it also makes it possible to collect this information and use it to track people. Knowing your MAC address goes a long way to track your phone if it is ever lost or stolen. While not impossible to change, it is a very difficult process and probably not worth a thief's time.
(see full articles and links on website)

Cases (Samples have been de-Identified)

(This list changes regularly)

I love my job – the best way to show competence is with fact, so here is just a sample of de-identified cases Simon Smith, Australia’s very own eVestigator has been involved in.

1. I found the IP identity of the fake Microsoft Tech Support Scammer (or one of them - and gave it to ACORN).

Now this was interesting. More than 90% of my clients come to me frustrated after not having any luck with the police or ability to make a statement. This one particular client (a very smart man) received a call one day and being the trusting person he is, he was strongly led to believe his computer was infected with a virus and Microsoft have detected it and are calling him to fix the problem. Everyone has different thresholds and trust levels but I can understand how an older gentleman would believe this could be the case. To cut a long story short the person with an Indian accent got him to install remote control software on his machine, allowing the 'hacker' to install malware, giving full access to his computer when connected and online at anytime. Plus, he thought he would throw in a low level password and bribe the gentleman to pay money in order for Microsoft to remove the password from his computer. The gentleman spent $1500 (it could have been more) to this 'entity' and nothing happened. They still however said they needed more money. The gentleman then reported the crime to the police who did not take a statement despite it being a crime under the Crimes Act 1958, and sent him to ACORN.

ACORN (people believe) is a division of the police force to report and act on cyber-crime. The gentleman swiftly received notification from ACORN with a fact sheet and some general advice and said nothing could be done.This is when I got involved.

When he presented his laptop to me I was able to take off the important data and remove the entire malware/virus, and even further since they were still trying to get money out of him, I decided to locate them. Via proprietary techniques, I attained the criminals IP Address, IP, Mobile device make, firmware which was in India. As it turns out, ACORN ended up making a complaint about me for not telling them what I found out - saying I had a duty to report it. I did tell my client to report it but must admit was taken back from that approach and was insulted. Nevertheless I got over it, and sent ACORN the identifying details so they 'might' take action. What happened to Interpol? The police have always had the ability to report international crimes. I have seen letters from customers where ACORN have said "we cannot investigate international crimes" or words to that effect. So, I solved perhaps one of Australia's biggest SCAM's that ever existed. My client thanked me profusely and that was relieving. I ended up taking it further with ACORN but at the end of the day it is a small world and a lot of crime and this was something that they may have been too busy for. Nevertheless I continue to help people get real justice.

2. I uncovered one of the largest DOS cyber-attacks (with this case being followed closely in the media) involving defamation of a celebrity. I uncovered and traced an underground crime syndicate that was responsible for spamming over 24 million people at the request of a disgruntled ex-business partner. I found the link to identify the accused on the balance of probability. This was a massive find, with no leads, and with sheer investigative work, a series of events have led to what could be considered extreme reasonable doubt against the accuser’s story. The case is privileged and ongoing, no more generic information can be provided in this matter.

3. I was approached on behalf of one of the world’s largest insurance companies to assist in the underwriting, in conjunction with their solicitors, of new Cyber-Security and Indemnity policies, the development of new risks in this ever changing industry, requesting assistance in indemnity wording and risk and creating PDS’s around new and innovative white collar fraud and cyber-attacks in the media at the moment.

4. I was requested to analyse voice biometrics to determine if a suspect had made a hoax bomb threat by telephone and was requested to advise the lawyer of the accused on what should technically be requested from the police and gave intelligence as to the voice codec and causing reasonable doubt of biometric distortion in a compressive lossy voice algorithm. This was a very serious case with charges under the new Anti-Terrorism laws.

5. I was recently approached by an individual seeking help after being accused of several counts of hearsay sexual offenses leading back over eight years, with the evidence reliant on MSN and Facebook data. This case is pending; however as the accused was pleading innocent, I was able to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt the unreliability of supposed forensic data relying on old MSN messages.

6. I was approached and subsequently investigated and complied an expert report in conjunction with a solicitor’s privacy policy detailing the privacy implications, after inspection of the source code and auditing of the non-identifiable hash algorithms that intercepted mobile Wi-Fi beacon signals for the purpose of tracking retail customers, I gave security and privacy protection recommendations based on my findings.

7. I worked with State Regulators, providing intelligence which led to two convictions, stopping an unlicensed electrician performing further illegal, unsafe and non-compliant electrical work. He was convicted and fined.

8. I investigated and provided evidence to ASIC of the deceitful and misleading actions of a Director who allegedly breached the Corporations Act and committed an act of Bankruptcy. He on behalf of his company allegedly applied for deregistration during court proceedings to avoid paying debts arising from judgement against him. I supplied a brief of evidence which is now with the CDPP for prosecution. I also achieved reinstatement of the closed company. The company is now in liquidation.

9. I uncovered fraud and corrupt conduct within a government department and provided a full investigative report to the Auditor-General and Ombudsman, proving a breach to the Minister’s Gazette pricing structures in the education regulatory instrument unveiling over $7m of overcharging of education stakeholders, as well as affirming in person with the Auditor-General and Minister identical evidence found in his audit, uncovering identical breaches to legislation.

10. I have since uncovered corrupt and improper conduct on the part of the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission and the Department of Justice, which will be subject to further legal action initiated by myself.

11. I have uncovered at least five dating scams involving the usual request for money to ‘come to Australia’ to meet their new love but never having enough money. I was involved in working with Western Union to take this to the police as a crime to stop the conduct.

12. I have acted for a high profile corporate client who had been cyber-stalked for five years, living in terror, with the police and their High-tech Crime division investigating without success. After just two weeks I found the accused (via social media, cyber methods and traditional investigative techniques) and my evidence later helped prosecute and convict the stalker under the strict Victorian Anti-stalking laws.

13. As an expert in social media and cyber-stalking cases, I assisted the NSW police via Interpol in tracking down the stalker of a popular YouTuber to Scotland. And so working with the Scottish police the stalking was concluded.

14. I have assisted individuals extensively in finding their cyber-stalkers via Facebook, dating websites and email scams, using email tracing and cyber intelligence mechanisms. When in all situations the customer was informed by police that nothing could be done.

15. In an impersonation case, a man purported to steal the identity of an individual and consequently put up a dating profile soliciting gay sex and sending interested parties to the victim’s address. The suspect had blocked his IP address and was difficult to track but using forensic tracking I was able to identify the address of the accused, leading to his arrest.

16. 15 years ago I discovered a flaw in (one of the world’s largest accounting software companies) that revealed credit card details in the hexadecimal binary of the decrypted data file and alerted the producers of the software to the problem.

17. My mediation skills are often also used in conjunction with my forensic programming/reverse programming skills to determine fact to apply policy.
-“If only you could see information as a jigsaw, releasing via Social Media and its risks could be the final piece”. eVestigator - Simon Smith

Some case studies are subject to Non-Disclosure agreements. Please contact me for a massive list of experience and real Cases. My work speaks for itself. Looking for a testimony from a real corporate client who was stalked for five years, living in terror, with the police and their High-tech Crime division investigating without success? After just two weeks I found the accused (via social media, cyber methods and traditional investigative techniques) and my evidence later helped prosecute and convict the stalker under the strict Victorian Anti-stalking laws. Contact: Lifestyle Portraits, Darren Tilnak

Simon has appeared in the media quite often offering free consumer warnings and advice. Have a look at recent selected covered items.

Simon Smith (eVestigator) speaks on Cyber Security issues at Legalwise CPD Conference.

Simon Smith (eVestigator) recently is invited on Channel 9's Today Show to warn and demonstrate how easy hackers can use NFC RFID EMV Android based Visa/Mastercard technology for Electronic Pickpocketing.

Simon Smith (eVestigator) recently contributed to a story by The New Daily as an iPhone Forensic Expert on iPhone software based alleged planned obsollesence.

Simon Smith (eVestigator) recently comments on the Australian Census DDoS Bungle stating 'WAKE UP AUSTRALIA' in a story to The New Daily.

Simon Smith (eVestigator) issues major press release demonstrating the cyber security risks using on Pokemon go, and essentially predicting what is to come.

Simon Smith (eVestigator) comments on major security breach at a Hospital stating that the banks have a duty of care to protect the money of their customers when it comes to cyber security matters also.

Where is the world heading when the Cyber World interferes with the Real World?
Simon Smith (eVestigator) questions Yahoo's consumer integrity who only now announced a cybersecurity breach exposing 500 million users' data 2 years after the event!

Simon Smith (eVestigator) tells the world how Cyberbullying has become an epidemic in schools, workplaces and businesses just in his cases so far.

Below is a sample of some of my Qualifications/PD. It is relevant to note that Cyber-Threats in my view is the new world war. New hacking methods are created, and smarter e-Crime day by day. There is not one degree one could do without the knowledge of such degree being expired at conclusion. eVestigator has a magnitude of Nationally Accredited and Professional Development (Some endorsed by Charles Sturt University) to maintain currency. I grew up with the birth of the internet and every day cases bring new threats that may not have existed yesterday. My work and customer feedback speaks for itself. Please find below a sample of some of the official Qualifications and PD I have undertaken. Mostly, I teach others Cyber-Security trends, and this is something that is popular in America but lacking in Australia's training system. Children should be taught about current cyber risks in primary school as (from experience) the exposure with social networking is so open, people do not realise how much intelligence someone like myself could gain from merely a Facebook profile. This is something we are working on, in educating Australia. There will be more on this shortly.

Memberships, Affiliations & Appointments
Victoria Police Licensed Individual Private Investigator (PI) - Simon Joseph Smith
Nationally Accredited Mediatior (NAM)
Commonwealth Appointed Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and Assessor of Grad.Dip FDRP - Family Court Mediations
Victoria Society for Computers and Law (VSCL)
Information Systems Security Association, Inc (ISSA)
DEFCON® member and cyber intelligence supplier and contributor
International Association of Software Architects (IASA) - Member
Commonwealth Appointed Marriage Celebrant, Family Law Division - Attorney-General's Department
20 years+ industry experience as a Master Computer programmer covering all areas plus...CWHH - Certified White Hat Hacker,
Cross Site Request Forgery,
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF),
Cross-site Scripting (XSS),
Documentation - Oracle VM VirtualBox,
File Inclusion,
Google Hacking,
Google Hacking Database, GHDB, Google Dorks,
How to do Cookie Stealing with Cross site Scripting Vulnerability : XSS Tutorials| Learn How to Hack| Ethical Hacking,
Information Gathering,
Intro To Web Apps,
Kali Basics,
Kali Linux | Rebirth of BackTrack, the Penetration Testing Distribution.,
Offline Windows pw & reg-editor, bootdisk,
Password crackers - SecTools Top Network Security Tools,
Password Cracking,
Remote File Inclusion,
Sandbox (computer security) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,
Session Hijacking,
Session hijacking attack,
SHODAN - Computer Search Engine,
Social Engineering,
Social Engineering: What It Is and How to Help Protect Yourself,
SQL Injection,
Step-by-step tutorial to install Kon-Boot on USB,
Virtual machine,
Web App Pentesting,
What Are Web Applications?,
What is Phishing | Phishing Scams | Report Phishing Scams,
WHOIS Search, Domain Name, Website, and IP Tools -,
Wifi Packet Capturing / Session Hijacking Using Wireshark Packet Storm,
Windows Hacking,
Google Hacking Theory,
Google Hacking Practical,
Shodan Practical,
Deep Dark Web,
Sandboxing and Virtual Machines PDF,
Sandboxing Practical,
Sandboxie - Part 2,
Virtual Machines,
Information Gathering Theory,
Virtual Machines Practical,
Virtual Box - Introduction,
Virtual Box - Part 2,
What is a Web Application,
Web Application Pentesting,
Sql Injection Theory,
Sql Injection Practical,
CSRF Theory,
CSRF Practical,
Click Jacking Theory,
Information Gathering Practical,
Click Jacking Practical,
File Inclusion Theory,
File Inclusion Practical (LFI),
File Inclusion Practical (RFI),
XSS Theory,
XSS Practical (Reflected),
XSS Practical (Stored),
Kali Basics Theory,
Kali Basics Practical,
Social Engineering,
Password Cracking Theory,
Phishing Theory,
Phishing Practical Part 1,
Phishing Practical Part 2,
Windows Hacking Theory,
Windows Hacking Practical (Konboot),
Windows Hacking Practical (Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor),
Intercepting WIFI,
Defending against ARP Poisoning(Wifi) on Windows Machine,
Defending against ARP Poisoning attack on Win Machine(XARP Tool),
Defending against ARP poisoning-WIFI attack(on Android Mobile),
Password Cracking Practical,
Linux passwd cracking - John the ripper,
Session Hijacking Theory,
Session Hijacking Using XSS,
Session Hijacking Using Wireshark,
Information Gathering.,
Intercepting Wifi with Mobile/Computer - ARP Poisoining,
Kali Basics,
Password Cracking Techniques,
Sandboxing and Virtual Machines.

Certified Forensic Hi-Tech Investigator (CFHI) - McAfee InstituteMcAfee Institute Inc. provides certification of the Most Elite Computer and Mobile Forensic Investigators that are trained in advanced and state of the art methodologies designed to help identify, investigate and prosecute the most sophisticated types of computer crimes known to man. This Certification program focuses on enhancing skill sets as a "Hi-Tech Forensic Expert" which takes a blended learning approach of self-study, live interactions, and instructor led labs that will help you to learn how to conduct successful computer forensic investigations with powerful new concepts to prosecute the guilty.
Taking over 25 years of hands-on experience of conducting forensic investigations, cyber-investigations from the private, public, and government sectors around the world and sharing insights into what contributes to success and failures. The CFHI Supports the National Cyber-Security Workforce Framework (Homeland Security). The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework supports the nation's cybersecurity workforce development efforts. The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework provides a simple, standardized way to define cybersecurity work across multiple sectors. The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework provides detailed descriptions of types of cybersecurity work, the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each area, and descriptions of common specialties.
Certified Cyber Investigative Expert (CCIE) - McAfee Institute - Expert Level
McAfee Institute Inc. provides certification in the areas of cyber investigations, law enforcement, loss prevention, fraud investigations, deception detection, and leadership. The McAfee Institute has partnered with the Dept of Homeland Securities National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) and is listed on their site as a provider of professional certifications in this space. The company was one of the 101 Chicago’s Best & Brightest companies to work for in 2014.[8] On the list of Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies, McAfee Institute was ranked 34th overall – 1st in education and 1st in Illinois – in the year 2013 and was ranked 213th overall, 5th in education, and 10th in Illinois in the year 2014.
Advanced Diploma of Integrated Risk Management
Diploma of Database Design and Development
Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Community Safety)
UNSW Global Pty. Ltd - Expert Witness Training Certificate
Diploma of Website Development
Master of Information Management
Master of Computer Forensics
Master of Cyber Security
Graduate Certificate in Digital Education
Advanced Diploma of Government (Workplace inspection/Investigations/Fraud control)
Certificate III in Investigative Services (Simon Smith is a Licenced Private Investigator)
Certificate IV in Government Investigations (Government Investigator)
Diploma of Government (Investigation)
Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Cyber Security Analyst)
Diploma of Legal Services
Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Community Safety)
Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)
Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning)
Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership
Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (Commonwealth Appointed FDRP Family Court Matters Mediator)
SANS Cyber Aces Certification
Diploma of Court Operations
Diploma of Software Development
Diploma of Information Technology
Diploma of Information Technology Networking
Graduate Certificate In International Education Services
Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Leadership
Certificate IV in Mediation (Also a Nationally Accredited Mediator - LEADR Member)
Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication
Internationally recognised Diploma in Information Technology (Management) - Advanced Level Programming, Systems, Databases, Security, Machine Code, Viruses, Risk Mitigation
Advanced Diploma of Program Management
Advanced Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Leadership and Management
Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management (VIC PI Electives)
Victoria University Bail Justice Training Course Certificate 2009
PD: Hacking Academy: Monitoring Transmitted Data
IT Security Academy (Associates IT Security Professionals. Certified experts (MCSE:MS, CISSP, CEH) have created courses from Beginner to Advanced level. They provide high quality materials to prepare you not only for passing certification exams, but teach you practical skills.) & The Hacking School (The Hacking School courses are prepared by people who are professionals in what they do. Authors of their courses are well known in the world of computer systems' security. They provide up-to-date knowledge on IT security and ethical hacking.)
Author of VET Accredited Course Material 'Dealing with Grief and Trauma'
Advanced Diploma of Network Security
Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology
Advanced Diploma of Network Security
Graduate Diploma of Telecommunications and Strategic Management
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Sustainability
Certificate IV in Intelligence Operations
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management (Expert Programmer/IT industry)
Graduate Diploma of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing
Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)
Diploma of Government (Security)
Certificate IV in Programming
PD: Social Media for Business
Diploma of Information Technology
Diploma of Digital Media Technologies
Certificate IV in Government (Security)
Graduate Certificate in International Education Services
Graduate Certificate in Statutory Child Protection
Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling
Diploma of Government (Workplace Relations)
Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies
Certificate III in Intelligence Operations
Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice
Advanced Diploma of Network Security
Comply with organisational requirements for protection and use of intellectual property
Contribute to intellectual property management
Develop and implement strategies for intellectual property management
Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business
Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)
Copyright Skill Set
Innovation Leadership Skill Set
Intellectual Property Strategic Management Skill Set
Patent Skill Set
Small Business Contracting Skill Set
Trade Mark Skill Set
Digital Applications Skill Set
Media Engagement Skill Set
Application Development Specialist Skill Set
Certified IT Network Enterprise, Security or Server Administrator Skill Set
Certified Security and Architect Specialist Skill Set
Certified Technician or Technology Specialist - Infrastructure Configuration Skill Set
Certified Technology Specialist - Graphical User Interfaces Skill Set
Certified Web Design Specialist Skill Set
Enterprise Server Virtualisation Specialist Skill Set
PD: Cyber bullying - as taught by Andres Saravia
Diploma of Counselling
PD: CCNA Security 2015 Video Boot Camp: CCP and More
PD: Investigator Ethics for the PI, Consumer and Client
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
PD: Maintaining Cyber Security
Certified iOS (Apple), Android (Google), Amazon, Windows and Mac App Developer
PD: BrainBench™ Certificate in 'Amazon Web Services (AWS)'
(A private research university in Stanford, California, and one of the world's most prestigious institutions, with the top position in numerous rankings and measures in the United States.)
Certified Android, iOS, Amazon Device App/Play-Store Developer
Andres Saravia (Andres earned a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Philosophy of Law, Data Protection mention at the University of Zaragoza, Spain with Magna Cum Laude. He has also completed the Course on Personal Data Protection by AECID and Communication Science Foundation and the Graduate Course of the School of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Law on "Updates of Information Law" Module I. Uruguay. Andres has specialized in Germany, Chile and Spain, in the areas of e-Government and Data Protection latter including in computer and
cyber bullying crimes. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Information Law Uruguay).
Professor Robert Bunge (An information security educator for the past eight years. He is an active coach and organizer in the
Cyber security Competition Federation, Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, National Cyber League, and
Cyber Patriot.) & DeVry University ( a regionally accredited institution.) Rosa Augostino (An author, consultant and entrepreneur she has written extensively about the subjects of marketing and business-building. Her background includes advertising, marketing, business growth and customer growth.)
PD: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Jeffrey Lau (A data engineer who constructs operational reporting, dashboards, and other visualizations. He has experience with object oriented programming, scripting automation, digital VLSI, and infrastructure performance management. He has a B.S. Electrical Engineering.)
Advanced Diploma of Management
Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI (Dean began his investigative career in 1987. He is a Certified Legal Investigator and Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, and is a POST certified instructor, and experienced forensic autopsy assistant.) & Karen S. Beers, BSW, CCDI (Karen began her investigative career in 1996, also earning her Bachelor's in Social Work (Magna Cum Laude). She is also a Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI) and certified in Medico legal Death Investigations.)
PD: IP Addressing and Sub-netting
Sikandar Shaik, CCIE (RS/SP# 35012) (A senior technical instructor and network consultant. He has been training networking courses for more than 10 years. Sikandar Shaik has delivered instructor led trainings in several states in India as well as in abroad in countries like China, Kenya and UAE. He has also worked as a Freelance Cisco Certified Instructor globally for Corporate Major Clients.)
Advanced Diploma of Management
Diploma of Quality Auditing
PD: Cyber Criminals Want Your Information: Stop Them Cold
(Jeremy O'Connell ... He holds some industry certifications via CompTIA (A+, Net+, iNet+) and received training from Oracle University's OCP DBA program.)
PD: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
(Jerry Banfield (Jerry has a Masters degree from the University of South Florida and is certified as a state law enforcement officer in South Carolina. He also has a Bachelors degree earned from the University of South Carolina. He teaches 38 courses on Udemy.) & Ermin Kreponic (Ermin is an IT expert, Linux enthusiast with a passion for troubleshooting network related problems. Advanced knowledge of Linux command line. Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers that run under Unix/Linux type. operating systems: DNS, TFTP, FTP, SSH, APACHE, SMTP, VSFTP and some others.)
Certified Apple Watch App-Store Developer
PD: Trademark Law for Entrepreneurs
Dana Robinson (A founding partner of TechLaw, LLP, where his practice focuses on trademark prosecution, trademark licensing, copyrights, and business transactions. Dana is adjunct professor of law at the University of San Diego School of law, where he is involved in the law school's new IP Law Clinic. Dana has taught a variety of seminars and moderated panels on intellectual property and technology law since 1999. Dana received his bachelor's degree from Life Pacific College and went to earn an M.A. at Azusa Pacific University and his J.D., from the University of San Diego School of Law. He served as Editor-in-Chief of the law school's faculty journal, the Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues. He is admitted to practice in Nevada and California, and before the Federal District Courts for the Central District of California, the Southern District of California, and the District of Nevada. Dana was the Co-chair of the first Nevada State Bar Committee on Intellectual Property (2002-2003). He is a member of the IP law section of the State Bar of California, and is a member of the San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association. Dana has spent 20 years+ as an active entrepreneur and investor and continues to advise his portfolio investments.)
PD: Authenticity on Twitter
Rebecca Clark (Training & Development professional anxious to nudge students in the areas of program management, entrepreneurship, accountability, and in pursuing their life goals.)
Diploma of Training Design and Development
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
PD: Innovation and Technology in Accounting
PD: The Bitcoin Basics
PD: Draper University/Udemy platform (Silicon Valley's top entrepreneurship program for builders and innovators from around the world. Cutting-edge, hands on curriculum taught by the most successful entrepreneurs in the Valley. Learn how to launch a business in this unique start-up boot camp for entrepreneurs.)
Advanced Diploma of Marketing
PD: Mastering iPhone programming - Lite
EDUmobile Academy (Founder Vishal Lamba has a mathematics and computer science degree. Vishal works closely with content creators and teachers to ensure that every course released meets the internal rigorous quality standards.)
PD: Mastering Android programming - Lite
EDUmobile Academy (Founder Vishal Lamba has a mathematics and computer science degree. Vishal works closely with content creators and teachers to ensure that every course released meets the internal rigorous quality standards.)
PD: Social Entrepreneurship: An Introduction
Greg Werkheiser (Greg is a Social Entrepreneur, Leadership Educator and Attorney with over 20 years+ experience. He has held public service roles at the White House, U.S. Embassy in Paris, U.S. Information Agency, and Congressional Management Foundation.) & David J. Miller (David is the Director of Entrepreneurship at the Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship (MCSE). Miller is also a supporting faculty member at George Mason University's School of Management (SOM) teaching New Venture Creation and a PhD Candidate at Mason's School of Public Policy working with Dr. Zoltan J. Acs. Miller holds an MBA from the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business (Entrepreneurship, Finance, & Strategic Management), an MSc in the International Politics of Asia from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies and a BA in International Relations from the University of Michigan.)
PD: Decoding AP Computer Science A
Moksh Jawa (Though just a sophomore at Washington High School in Fremont, CA. He self-studied for and performed well on the AP Computer Science test as a freshman. He teaches AP Computer Science to students at his high school.)
PD: Professional Communication Essentials
Rasmussen College/Udemy platform (A regionally accredited private college and Public Benefit Corporation that is dedicated to changing lives through high-demand educational programs and public service.) & Brooks Doherty (Brooks is Rasmussen College's Dean of General Education. He is completing a doctorate in Education at St. Mary's University, earned an MA in literature from University College London, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Minnesota with degrees in Political Science and English.)
Diploma of Project Management
Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources)
Advanced Diploma of Event Management
Diploma of Practice Management
Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
Diploma of Training, Design & Development
Diploma of Business
Advanced Diploma of Business
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Human Resources Management
Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy
Certificate IV in Small Business Management
Diploma of Business Administration
Certificate IV in Business Administration
Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)
Certificate IV in Frontline Management
Diploma of Counselling
PD: Financial Analysis: A Recipe for Success
Professor and CPA Ellen Jakovich (Has experience in IT, communications, finance, electronic engineering, project management, and accounting. Holds a Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering Technology, a Master of Science in Finance and a Masters of Accounting & Financial Management.) & DeVry University
Certificate IV in Human Resources
Diploma of Training and Assessment
Project Management For Entrepreneurs: 10X Results Today Rico Rodriguez (Entrepreneur, Python Expert, Word and Windows Trainer. He has started numerous businesses and both failed and exceeded. He uses Python and JavaScript and C# in daily life to both make a living and to gather data online. He also helps small businesses streamline their business to reduce cost and increase productivity.)
Diploma of Community Services Coordination
Diploma of Disability
Certificate IV in Disability
Certificate III in Disability
Vocational Education and Training in Schools Certificate in Information Technology

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